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Cylinder Block


All sorts of cylinder blocks are being machined at Sapaic: from small cylinder blocks for motorbikes to 4-6 and Vee engine cylinder blocks for car, V12 cyl block for Formula 1 racing engines up to truck & tractor and marine engine cylinder blocks or crankcases.

Material widely used is aluminium or magnesium for sport and car design while different grades of cast iron and special CGI or spheroïdal are being used for stiffness and low noise advantage.

Design of crankcases include with wet liners as well as integral bores. Dimensions of blocks range from 150 mm long up to 1500 mm long for most marine v12 blocks. The weight can go up to 1.000 kg. Typical output per year is 100-1000 marine block/year; 5.000-30.000 truck & tractor blocks/year, and 5.000-100.000 cylinder blocks/ year.

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