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1905: Mr Charles Bernard founded a factory to build cars under the brand PHILOS, whose production grew until 1922. 30,400 vehicles were built between 1907 and 1919.

1939 : Led by Jean-Pierre Bernard, this activity expands and BERNARD Compressor Group is created. Mainly based in the Lyon region, with the following activities: Reciprocating compressors for Public Works under the brand SOCOBA BERNARD (Société Commerciale Bernard), manufacturing and machining valve engine blocks and cylinder heads for the automotive industry.

1970 : The group, led by three son of Charles Bernard, dissolves when it had about 1,000 people. The compressors are sold BERNARD Ehrardt und Sow and SOCOBA to Floquet Monopole.

1975 :Jean-Pierre Bernard retains the activity of manufacturing automotive cylinder heads in creating the company SAPAIC and refocus activities on the machining of engine blocks and cylinder heads (already known since 1905).

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