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Specific Tooling

Special tool design and manufacturing are carried out with the Sapaic shops and with the Sapaic Planning: Crankshaft bars, camshaft bars, with many different unique designs are based on Sapaic experience in machining such products during the last 40 years. Multi spindle drilling and tapping heads are also designed and manufactured within the Sapaic tool-shop. Gang mill heads for the difficult milling of the bulkheads of the cylinder blocks (also called cheeks of the crank bearings) are being machined in the best working conditions with low noise and vibration, hence improving quality. Recessing heads dedicated to the accurate machining of valve seat cone, as well as the cylinder sleeve pockets or accurate chamfering of spot facing can be equally used, following the Sapaic design & manufacturing. Intense design work and cooperation with well known suppliers tandem Sapaic with other experienced specialists Mapal, sandvik, Kennametal, Hanna…

Renishaw probing and scanning techniques are being widely used before and during the machining sequences as well as a tool to qualify fixtures and machines quality.
Fixtures are designed and manufactured within Sapaic and demonstrates its proven experience to best clamp and reduce the number of fixturing. Such practices highlight Sapaic personnel expertise and its culture on products such as blocks & heads.

Honing cylinders or crankshaft lines is key to the product. With more than 30 millions of cylinder already honed Sapaic machines and skilled personnel provide the bases to a successful honing. Machines used are Nagels and Gehrings.

Because Sapaic is being confronted to more & more stringent requirements for cleanliness, a unique design of state-of-the art robotized cell has been installed breaking conventional use of the washing techniques. Adequate measuring solutions are proposed as the next step.

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