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Pre-machining: A response to the increasing demand from foundries to provide proofed off casting Sapaic is providing a response to large daily output of “advanced” cubing or pre machining. This may cover the rough milling of head and pan faces as well as front & rear faces, cylinder boring, open up the half rounds of crank bearings etc… drilling deep oil holes and pattern head bolts and cap bearing holes.



Honing: Honing cylinders or crankshaft lines is key to the product and to the antipollution test results. With more than 30 millions of cylinder already honed Sapaic machines and skilled personnel provide the bases to a successful honing.

Machines used are Nagels and Gehrings. Single or twin head on machines as well as simple or double expansion head design pave the way to the multi pass honing with carbide and/or diamond “stones”.


Leak tests: Before shipping parts castings must be tested for sound material and machining. Froelich test bench or similar air decay machine provide continuous testing every day while air in water bench help to locate the leak origin(s).

Because Sapaic is being confronted to more & more stringent requirements for cleanliness, a unique design of state-of-the art robotized cell has been installed breaking conventional use of the washing techniques. Robots can move high pressure nozzles very near to the hole or the port of the casting? It is also capable to align the nozzles in the right direction in order to drain the swarfs out in the best working conditions. High pressure, heat or cold work can be combined together with “cavitations” effect. Adequate measuring solutions are proposed as the next step in order to monitor the process adequately. This has significant impact on the pollution test results. Clean parts are also required in the automated environment of the engine assembly lines.

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